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Enabling green energy: a more affordable than fossil fuel generated electricity that is ecologically sound.
IndraNet Technologies Ltd is focused on the development of coherent solutions addressing the twin challenges of our times:
1) The peaking of fossil fuels supplies taking place now and over the next decade without yet any competitive alternatives and;
2) The massive global ecological degradation caused by the immense surge in the use of fossil fuels in the course of the 20th century and up to the present.
IndraNet is part of an international scientific and business community that recognises that within the above challenges lies a vast new business opportunity a source of renewed wealth, employment and prosperity focused on abundant solar energy.
This emerging community considers it possible to achieve sustainability, 100% based on solar-derived energy sources, over the next two decades using both existing
and proven technology components, and marketed through fresh business and financial models.
 IndraNet aims, over the next 3 years, to establish its technology package to achieve a transition away from the present dependence on fossil fuels and towards 100% Solar-based Sustainability.
Since IndraNet was formed in 1998, the Company has grown to approximately 3,080 shareholders, mainly New Zealand and Australian private investors.
The Company through its marketing strategy, plans to commercialise its technology through a number of Flagship Projects based in Australia and New Zealand.
In supplying alternatives to provide competitively priced energy in sustainable methods, the Directors of IndraNet consider this Company has a very successful future.

Our products

n Gen

What are nGen systems?
nGen Systems are not engines, or mere cogeneration or tri-generation units. Instead they are just that systems. They are made of individual modules that can be integrated on site in a variety of ways to match specific customer demands.
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IndraNet FraMe networks
Meshed FraMe Networks are the support communications structure for the large-scale deployment of nGen Systems.  FraMes are key to moving rapidly from individual implementations of nGen Systems on customer premises to Intelligent Power Networks and subsequently to Intelligent Power Networks combined with advanced low cost broadband communications supplied to those same customers. Learn more :
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